Brought to you by the letter Z

First off the word “Virtualisation” is not spelt with a “Z” in Australia so chances are you are here because you are an Aussie or a Pom and searched of something relevant using the correct spelling. If you are neither of those breeds then I have no idea how you got here!

Secondly the plan for this site at the moment is simply a repository for documenting anything related to virtualisation and storage that I run into during my day job. As I learn something new, figure something out or re-discover something that I had forgotten I plan on putting it here.

If someone gets something out of it or I save someone some time then that’s great. However at this stage I am under no illusion that I am going to be an industry leading blogger. Plus I don’t use twitter which all the “elite bloggers” seem to so that put me at a disadvantage almost immediately. That and they are probably way smarter than I am anyway!

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