Arrays with duplicate ID’s received by SRA

Problem –

Ran into this issue when configuring the HDS SRA 2.0 for SRM using a ouple of ASM2300 arrays. Everything installed ( SRM, VCenter, SRA, HDS CCI etc) and a HORCM instance was set up on each server as required. When trying to configure the SRA I keep getting this error –

“Arrays with duplicate ID’s received by SRA”.

Solution –

After digging through the error logs in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ Vmware\Vmware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\Logs, I noticed that it was identifying the array on the first command LUN and then attempting to do it again at which point everything failed and I got the error message.

This ended up being be because the HORCM file was incorrectly configured. Under the HORCM_CMD section of the configuration file the I had the command LUNs listed one after the other like this –

#/************** For HORCM_CMD **************


#dev_name                                       #dev_name



This caused the SRA to scan the fist device and return the array ID it then went to the second device which reported the same array ID and cause all my issues. The correct way of doing it is to add your command devices on a single line like this –

#/************* For HORCM_CMD ***************


#dev_name                                       #dev_name

\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1                       \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2

Once I made the change and restarted the HORCMINST service I was able to detect the Array and all paired LUNs. Happy Days!

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